About us

Personality is the deciding factor
As a service provider who has successfully used its know-how in the area of direct search for years, we can carry out your complex assignments and meet your challenges in the human resources area.

We successfully execute even the most difficult and complex assignments within the three-way relationship ("magic triangle" between client, candidates and headhunter) optimizing the communication between the acting persons presenting our clients and candidates with transparent processes and effective use of resources – just one aspect of our success in recent years.

We assume that you have already worked with personnel consultants and recruitment firms, and that you are aware of the standard procedure.

However, the personalities of our consultants and our method allow us to offer more:

  • Herbold & Associates’ consultants are entrepreneurs and managers with a history of successful operational experience, and they take your search for suitable candidates to heart.
  • Herbold & Associates’ consultants are aware of company complexities based on their own experience and know how to create a vision, implement strategies, and set realistic goals.
  • Herbold & Associates’ consultants have solid sector-specific focuses. This allows them to more easily identify the strengths and weaknesses in candidates’ careers. It is not possible to fool them.
  • Herbold & Associates’ consultants have suitable tools to analyze and record all aspects of a candidate’s personality, and find the leaders and specialists, who are a match for the client’s corporate culture and the requirements of the position in question.

Herbold & Associates offers additional advantages such as the ability they have acquired over the years to convince candidates of the benefits of changing companies, specialized knowledge in the preparations of specifications, and personal interviews conducted in accordance with a specialized methodical approach and the dual-control principle.