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Herbold & Associates GmbH
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Michael Grän

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Commercial register at the District Court of Frankfurt am Main
No. HRB 94110

Frankfurt am Main

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DE 283621860

Responsibility for content
Michael Grän (Address as above)

Design and technical realization
absoluto GmbH
Adalbert-Stifter-Str. 5
63452 Hanau

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Disclaimer and technical notices
Herbold & Associates GmbH has prepared this website and all links contained in it to the best of its knowledge, and with all due diligence. We constantly ensure that our homepage is correct and up to date, nevertheless Herbold & Associates GmbH cannot guarantee that all the information on it is free of error and exact. All the information and links it contains are intended for general informational purposes and should not be interpreted as business, legal, or other consulting services. We accept no liability, regardless of the legal basis of the claim, for the completeness, correctness, or timeliness of the information.
Liability for damages that arise from the use or nonuse of the information available on this webpage, regardless of the legal basis of the claim, is excluded to the extent permitted by law.
Likewise, liability shall be accepted for any damages caused during retrieval or downloading of data by computer viruses or the use of software only within the limits of the legal provisions.
Errors can occur during the digitalization of information. The use of different Internet browsers, or individual software settings, can cause website contents to be presented differently.

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Graphical material (logos, emblems, photos, graphics, etc.) may not be downloaded from these pages and used without prior approval from Herbold & Associates GmbH. Information made available for download may be stored and printed out for personal use. Otherwise, publication, processing, or commercial use, in whole or in part, of website contents is possible only with previous written approval from Herbold & Associates GmbH.
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If you should nevertheless become aware that we have violated copyright law, we request that you inform us. If we are informed of such violations, we will immediately remove the content in question.

Trademark law
Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks on Herbold & Associates GmbH webpages are protected under trademark law. This applies in particular to Herbold & Associates GmbH brands, company logos, photos, graphics, slogans and emblems. The brands and design elements used are the intellectual property of Herbold & Associates GmbH, Germany.
If Herbold & Associates GmbH has merely acquired the usage rights to photos, graphics, logos, brand names etc., copyright and other trademark rights shall remain with the respective rights holders. Even if (legally protected) brands and brand names are only mentioned for informational purposes, the rights shall remain with the respective rights holders.
Should you have any question regarding the photos, graphics etc. used, please contact us directly.
This applies in particular if usage rights or licenses are modified due to events such as company takeovers and/or our existing usage rights are or have been modified, limited or extinguished.

Right to licenses
The intellectual property contained on the Herbold & Associates GmbH website, such as patents, brands and copyrights is protected. This website does not constitute the granting of a license to use the intellectual property of Herbold & Associates GmbH or third parties.

The safety of your personal data, including your address, phone number or email, and the protection of your privacy are of the highest priority for us. For this reason, we conduct all of our web-based services in accordance with current privacy and data protection regulations.
We will not collect any personal data via our website without your consent. You decide whether to disclose such data to us in the course of registering, ordering products etc. Your data will only be used, stored and processed to the extent required or permitted by your consent, by federal data protection regulations and/or any additional legal requirements.

Notice regarding all external references (links) on this website

In its ruling of May 12, 1998 (Case No.: 312 O 85/98), the Hamburg District Court held that, in some cases, authors of webpages who include references (links) to other webpages have co-responsibility for the content of those other pages. The Hamburg District Court ruled that such responsibility can only be avoided if the authors distance themselves from content that may be included via links.
Herbold & Associates GmbH accepts no responsibility for the content of external webpages that can be reached via links on its website. The respective service provider or website operator is always responsible for the content of the linked webpages. We also point out that we have no influence on the design or contents of the webpages of other service providers, and that we may not even be aware of content that is subsequently added to such webpages.
Please notify us immediately should our links lead you to webpages whose content seems questionable to you. As soon as Herbold & Associates GmbH becomes aware of legal violations, it will immediately remove the links in question.
This policy shall apply to all the links contained on our webpages.

Annoying advertising
We hereby expressly object to any use by third parties of the contact information we are required to supply in this legal notice to send us advertising or informational material that we have not expressly requested.
You are only entitled to use the contact information for advertising purposes within the limits of the applicable law (in particular competition and data privacy protection law).
Herbold & Associates GmbH expressly reserves the right to take legal action if it receives unrequested advertising, newsletters and/or spam e-mails.

Applicable law
Exclusively the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Court of jurisdiction
Frankfurt am Main

Consumer dispute resolution
Herbold & Associates GmbH does not take part in dispute resolution before consumer dispute resolution bodies.

Online dispute resolution platform
The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution that can be found under