Our professional experience creates trust and provides solutions. Since we ourselves are managers and entrepreneurs, we understand the various expectations and wishes of both our clients and candidates.

Our consultants take your recruitment assignments to heart, and remain your personal contacts and lead your engagements from start to finish. During the initial briefing, we create professional engagement specifications, and then describe the client’s initial situation, the position in question, and the goals and responsibilities associated with that position. When describing the ideal candidate, we go into detail and provide specific content for the usual empty phrases – dynamic, entrepreneurial spirit, team player. We have the tools required – including our proprietary specialized methodical approach – to determine what our clients really expect, and we use them to prepare a reliable and documented description of the desired personality traits.

Thanks to their long years of management experience and knowledge of industries sectors, our consultants work with you to prepare a reliable profile of the personal and technical skills required for placement in the candidate pool, and then draw up a shortlist of candidates based on their profiles. We then select the final candidates from the shortlist coach and advise them to join your company. This last step is one of Herbold & Associates’ strengths.

On the basis of our extensive industry and market knowledge, we know where to find potential candidates. Often such profound market knowledge determines whether positions can be filled with someone who will be successful and remain long-term. We use the networks we have built up over the years to locate candidates who cannot be found via standard procedures.

In interviews with potential candidates, we supplement our specialized methodical approach with our professional coaching experience, and determine whether interviewees have the right personality profile to fit into the client company and whether the position matches their long-term goals. Our structured, specialized methodical approach allows us to select candidates who identify strongly with the new position – and so will accept it.

We then present all interview results to you in a clear and meaningful manner, and provide you with support throughout the selection process. We place special emphasis on make the process as effective and transparent as possible so that you do not waste time and can concentrate on your business. We provide active support to make the phase between the introductory interview and conclusion of an employment contract go as quickly and as well as possible for all involved, which guarantees good candidates are not lost during the search process.