Specialists & skilled employees

The direct approach to finding specialists & skilled employees.
Recruiting highly qualified people for skilled positions is a complex process. Our dedicated team will help you do this.

Filling highly specialized skilled positions requires a great deal of sensitivity and intuition. One must not only carefully analyze the positions to be filled, but also proactively contact highly qualified specialists and managers in the market who have many offers from which to choose. This is why it is important to understand the philosophy of the client company and its current employees.

The future success of your company is largely dependent on whether you find talented people with top qualifications who also fit into your corporate culture and current team. We tailor our recruiting approach to the unique requirements and characteristics of your company. Using our direct approach, we identify suitable candidates at comparable companies in comparable sectors, thus providing you with the full employment market transparency that simplifies your recruitment decisions.

No matter whether you are looking for an experienced top performer or a candidate with great future potential, for years now we have been working daily with candidates whose talent and careers are documented, and so our experienced specialist team not only knows where to find skilled employees and managers, but also how to convince them that it would make sense to join your company. This is equally true when you need to fill positions at your international companies, or seek international candidates for positions in Germany. We therefore tailor our performance package to the requirements of each engagement:

  • A complete briefing at the start of each engagement, with an emphasis on soft skills.
  • An offer with a transparent description of services and costs and remuneration that match the complexity of the engagement.
  • Preparation and approval of market-compliant and transparent engagement specifications.
  • Regular and transparent dialogue with you regarding our identification of, research on, and direct contact with candidates.
  • Personal interviews using the dual-control principle and sound, comprehensible benchmarking.
  • A written candidate presentation with an emphasis on the candidate’s soft skills, followed by a personal interview.
  • At your request, we can provide you with support as you make your decision, negotiate an employment contract, and integrate the successful candidate into your organization.