Winning Executives

Our experience, your trust, and mutual respect for all involved form the basis of a successful engagement. We find leaders and talented managers.

Profound global economic changes require managers who have new skills, the most important of which include the ability to communicate, resolve conflicts, strategize, implement and welcome change. Our specialized methodical approach allows us to recognize these skills, with the result that we provide our clients with “winning executives.”

Our extensive executive search expertise combined with our operational experience and profound understanding of the complexities of your business provide “winning executives” who will bring added value to your company for years to come.

Our partners are themselves active in the market as executive search professionals and recruitment consultants. We are active in both international and regional markets, and share our experience with companies, organizations, and institutions that have an urgent need to fill vacant positions with excellent candidates. We have the experience and the networks to effectively and efficiently find the right candidates for the top management positions (leaders for the executive and middle management levels, or supervisory or advisory board members) in your organization.

Herbold & Associates sets itself apart from other recruitment consultants with its company structure and method of working. Our consultants have had successful careers in industry. Based on our personal experience, we know the viewpoints and requirements of our clients and can be counted on to recognize the “winning executives” who are a good fit for you.

Our thorough market research allows us to find candidates that meet all your requirements. Whereas other recruitment consultants limit themselves to placing employment ads and doing research within social networks, we always search for your new leaders directly and proactively. This means that we work efficiently and are quickly able to create a suitable pool of candidates, conduct benchmarking to rank those who qualify, and present the right ones to you.

We guarantee that we will reliably fill your open positions with the right people and provide support as they take up their positions on your leadership team.