Most leading top executives make a lasting contribution to a number of companies during the course of their career.

For over 25 years now, we have worked with executive and middle managers, and helped them address the challenges in their markets and sectors and realize their expectations. In other words, we have helped them achieve successful careers as individuals. We do not only work with leaders at a particular juncture, but in their present and continual career development. You can take advantage of our expertise at every moment as you progress in your current career, or if you decide to pursue a new one. We put heart and soul into helping both you and your new company reach your goals, and we will not rest until you are satisfied.

One of the challenges of a career change is to successfully and correctly time it, so as to take advantage of career opportunities when they fit into your plans. Keeping us informed of all your new professional experience will give you the best chance to strike the right balance between personal growth, a rewarding position, and first class remuneration.

Another important aspect of active career planning is the creation of a network that extends beyond your sector and your day-to-day business. A personal consultation with a carefully selected, trusted advisor can help you do this. In recent years, many leaders have chosen Herbold & Associates’ services and the extensive network it has built up within markets and organizations.

We look forward to speaking with you personally!