For candidates

We help you expand and balance your business relationships because people are our passion: The character, vision, and strengths they have already successfully put to the test in the most diverse situations.

As your partner, we bring you into contact with company decision makers, match your expectations with those of the company with the position to be filled, and provide you with the complete and transparent feedback you need to make your decision.

As a matter of course, we explain, and so simplify, the complex communication between you, the client companies, and the consultants. We offer an informative search process that presents the hard and soft facts, and targets how they relate to your career and personality traits. This allows us to compare your future expectations with those of the client company and recognize potential and areas in which growth is required. In other words, we offer interviews that will help you improve professionally.

We keep you constantly informed of the status of the engagement from initial contact to the exit interview, which we often personally attend.

We also offer you:

  • Support and consulting, as you set your personal goals and plan your future career in comparison with the market benchmark
  • Preparation of a potential analysis with a transparent evaluation
  • Review of your employment application
  • Professionally conducted interviews
  • A personal introduction to the client company