Our company’s philosophy is based on trust, and on the respect we have for both our clients and our candidates.

This esteem is the best basis for the culture of transparent communication that informs our innovative working methods and brings a human touch to technical exchanges. On the basis of this, and of our over 25 years of executives search experience, we offer our clients the following portfolio of services that will them to meet their challenges:

  • Executive search services for executive and middle managers.
  • Direct search services for skilled employees and specialists in the sectors we serve.
  • Transparent benchmarking of the personal potential in your company in compared to current market conditions.
  • Our extensive, international network.
  • Management and implementation of international engagements together with our global partners.
  • Consulting on personnel strategies, personnel development, and all required implementation measures.
  • All the modern personnel policy tools, from assessments to trainee centers.
  • Support of change management, outsourcing, etc.
  • Individual human resources offers, tailored to your requirements.