The leadership and operational management experience of the partners, combined with over 25 years of executive search expertise for industrial and service companies, guarantees that we can find the right people to fill your open positions.

One can only identify the ideal candidates on the markets and recruit them, if one understands the tasks to be performed within the client organizations.

The partners Michael Grän and Friedbert Herbold have extensive operational experience in industry, handle their consulting engagements personally and present “one face to the customer.” These characteristics guarantee that the correct search methods are chosen in order to win over the qualified people who will work for your organization in the future. Our clients state that Herbold & Associates stands out among its competitors with:

  • its extensive network built up over decades at the highest management level in Germany and Europe, as well as in the German-American industrial area, plus its trendsetting international presence in Asia, including in China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), India (Pune), Japan (Tokyo), South Korea (Seoul), and the Republic of Singapore (Singapore);
  • its unique team with the required expertise to successfully identify and recruit specialists and skilled employees internationally.

We have filled positions in:

  • executive management (CEO, CFO, COO, CSO)
  • business unit manager, plant manager, site manager
  • commercial activities / controlling
  • distribution / sales
  • marketing / product management
  • design and development / design engineering (hardware and software)
  • purchasing / supply change management
  • materials management and logistics
  • technology, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance
  • project management in areas such as distribution, development, and lean management
  • quality management / quality assurance
  • health, safety and environment (HS&E)